2013 got off to a great start, I won the 2012 Best Bird Of Prey Portrait at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover and am still in the running for the Photographer of the Year Award which will be announced at the first members evening on the 1st June 2013 so a very happy bunny.

The weather has been attrocious so I haven’t wandered out too much but finally in early february we had some blue skies and sun so thought I would meander over to the Hawk Conservancy to see how the birds were flying, I wasn’t dissapointed.

The light was absolutely fantastic and the catch lights were superb, so much so I thought I would have a play at panning, something I had tried with motorsports on numerous occasions but was yet to try on flying birds. I think it worked reasonably well.

As usual the staff at the Hawk Conservancy Trust were as friendly as ever and glad to see the weather bringing in the crowds, the birds didn’t dissapoint flying as close to people as they possibly could.

I can see a fiar few visits throughout the year and look forward to seeing what 2013 brings…

And can’t wait to see the end of the wintery colours and the meadow spring back to life, winter colours don’t always appear the most impressive to shoot.