Drift All Stars series 2012 kicked off in May at Birmingham wheels, 32 drivers
competing to get into the top 16 to then compete against each other to get the
top spot…

I drove up early arriving on location at 10am with my girlfriend, the event was
not open to the public until 4pm which gave us plenty of time to have a wander
round, meet the drivers and get a feel for the location. Unfortunately not
having my P&L certificates with my which was an oversight on my part and a
lesson learned meant that I would be shooting from behind the fence.

I timed my arrival poorly as just as I arrived JDM garages 370Z managed to drop
its flywheel and a tonne of oil all over the track meaning no track action for
some time to come!

We headed back to the pits and had the opportunity to say hello to what were
becoming regular faces, Walton Smith of Jap Performance Parts/Subaru fame,
Stiggy with The Mighty Starlet and photographers a plenty, it was in this time
that the pit crews were kind enough to give the MR2 I was driving a thorough
check over after a few concerns I mentioned to Stiggy…

Track action started soon enough and although stuck behind the fence there was
just enough distance to get full frame close ups of some of the details on the
cars as they drove past…

The practice sessions were re-started and the drivers were again trying to test
how close they could get to the wall and check what grip was available as the
earlier oil spill was still affecting the back straight.

the drift series covering all of Europe it was great to see some new cars and
drivers on track and flags flying to make sure there was no doubt which
countries the drivers had come from.

most powerful car had been brought over from Finland with Juha Rintanen (The
Flying Finn) showing off in this year’s car sponsored by Achilles tyres, with
750Bhp under the bonnet it was a show that got the crowd going mad.

the practice sessions were completed, the drivers returned to the pits for the
top 16 to be announced and to prepare for the afternoon sessions, the top 16
were announced as follows:

1. Juha Rintanen
2. Nigel Colfer
3. Phil Morrison
4. Luke Fink
5. Walton Smith
6. Damien Mulvey
7. Alan Sinnott
8. Fillipo Pirrini
9. Brad McQueen
10. Luis Lopez
11. Steve Evans
12. Peter Green
13. Anthony Scott
14. Martin Richards
15. Anthony Morthley
16. Ricky Emery

The cars lined up ready for the battles and a great evening was building up.

due to illness we had to cut this trip short and head back home, just in time
to watch Sinnott get announced as the overall winner of round one in his Toyota

fantastic start to 2012 and with the next event on June 23rd on my doorstep in
London, I can’t wait.