The first motorsport outing for 2012 and another invite from Matt at CTS and Jap Performance Parts.

A trip down to the south coast for what was supposed to be the first Drift event of the season and meet up with old friends.

BHP is an annual event with an open track for amateurs and an opportunity for the drifters to get their eye in for the year ahead, unfortunately the competition was cancelled as not enough drivers could make it but still an excellent opportunity for those that did.

I didn’t manage to walk around the whole site as was more focussed on what was happening on track, the sessions were split into novice, intermediate & pro so a good variety of cars and trucks could be seen by a huge crowd.

Cars from the past…

To the present…

Including some serious track toys…

One of the most bizarre sessions of the day and unfortunately the one I found most boring due to their only being one vehicle on the track was the racing truck, he was quick and giving it his all but one big truck racing around the track just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The main reason I visited BHP was the Drifting, following on from Wembley in 2011 and my earlier blog I wanted the opportunity to again meet the guys and see what was happening on track.

More new friends, I was introduce to Steve ‘Stiggy’ Evans at Lydden a true nutter and one of my favourite cars on the circuit. Everyone looks for the big powerful cars but Stiggy runs a stunning old Cosworth powered Starlet, rightly named ‘The Mighty’.

A hole host of new cars were on track, stunning 350’s,

S15’s spitting flames,


And of course Waltons epic Subaru…

Lydden Hill is a great circuit for photography and one of the few left where spectators are not stuck behind amssive fences allowing everyone to get right on top of the action and some great shots. With media access of course you can get that much closer and different angles with the last shot beign taken with a 10-20mm lens so right on top of the action.

Another great day out and a great start to 2012.